One of the most important aspects for all experienced automobile enthusiasts, besides optics of their vehicles, is the increase in performance. Here, the individuality is of prime importance.

Higher torque, target powerperformance, as well as to ban the last bit of the "factory settings“ out of the engines  counts to the chief aims of all of those who wants to adapt one's own car to personal needs. As mostly very soon recognized offer the comprehensive offers like chiptuning and modified air intake, as well as exhaust system just very limited possibilities to come close to this aim.

The subsequent forced induction through turbocharger or supercharger, in this case offer the perfect basis to help a stock engine to get the step to the next higher capacity class. Specialist knowledge is required about the construction and planning of a stable solution, as well as the access to high-quality components and individual custom built.

Our customers include all: from the ambitious screwdriver who wants to do everything on his own, up to racers who only want to play a part in the final adjustments. We would like to avoid our customers from working out the necessary knowledge on diverse costly tests and therefore stand by them with help and advice at any time!
The intensive assistance of a customer project, if on the phone or on the ground, is as well included as the procurement of the appropriate material. We see ourselves as a all-around-careless provider and we are always pleased if a project is brought together to completion.

Eugen Schaper, managing director