Superchargerkit for E81,E82,E87,E88

Superchargerkit for E81,E82,E87,E88

Product No.: 75500

5.798,32 EUR


Shipping time: 8 Wochen


Superchargerkit with 0.4bar of boost and air/water intercooler for all N52(N) engines
Aprx. 40% power gain

125: from 218hp to 300hp
130: from 258hp to 355hp
130: from 265hp to 365hp

The kit consists of:
- Supercharger Rotrex C38-81 with 85mm pulley
- Superchargeroilsystem
- Oil cooler
- Aluminium bracket
- idler pulleys
- belt 6pk
- alu airintakesystem  with airfilter
- air/water intercooler
- aluminium charging pipes
- silicon hoses with hd-clamps
- boost recirculating system with aluminium valve
- electronic boost recirculating system

The offer is only for stock engine and ECU

*Picture is only for example